Book Webinar Now: Managing data, research and trading challenges in the countdown to MiFID II

MiFID II is a far-reaching regulatory directive, years in the works, but now just a few short months from taking effect on January 3. The European Union regulation will have global impact, in areas...
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Listen to the Experts on MiFID II Research Unbundling

With just six months to go before the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) compliance deadline, many financial firms are struggling to pin down the research unbundling...
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MiFID II Unbundling's Silver Lining: Leveraging Streaming Big Data Analytics to Differentiate Execution Services

European MiFID II regulation’s unbundling of broker research from execution services raises the question of how execution service providers can differentiate what they offer once research is no...
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The Time to Implement Innovative Technology for Electronic Execution is Now

Technology innovation is side-lining low latency in the drive to optimise performance and reduce complexity and cost of electronic execution infrastructure – but which technologies are finding favour...

Partner Event: Summer FinTech

Fintech: From Innovation to Disruption. Where do we stand? This event will explore this question through the prism of four of the ‘buzziest’ fintech applications: AI, blockchain, cloud, and data.

Webinar Recording: Trade Surveillance and data capture for MiFID II compliance

Under MiFID II and MiFIR, any firm participating in electronic trading of financial instruments will need to conduct real-time monitoring of current trading activity and be able to sequentially...

Partner Event: Handling high-performance computing to boost alpha and risk management

Based on the recent Financial Markets Insights from The Realization Group, the discussion will focus on how some of the complexities surrounding the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector have led to...
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How ‘Deep Learning’ Could Make A Deep Impact On Trading

As a machine learning technique, “deep learning” has evolved enough to be useful for trading operations, according to Elliot Noma, managing director at Garret Asset Management. Noma will be...
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Codel Partners with GMEX to Deliver a Paradigm Shift for Commodity Trading

Codel, the digital notary service provider, today announced a partnership with GMEX Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of GMEX Group, and provider of multi-asset exchange trading and post trade...
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Thesys Technologies Signs Consolidated Audit Trail Contract With Self-Regulatory Organizations For SEC Auditing and Tracking System

Thesys Technologies, LLC, the leading big data provider and technology subsidiary of Tradeworx, Inc, announced today that it signed the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) contract with the Self-...