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The Time to Implement Innovative Technology for Electronic Execution is Now

Technology innovation is side-lining low latency in the drive to optimise performance and reduce complexity and cost of electronic execution infrastructure – but which technologies are finding favour...

Partner Event: Summer FinTech

Fintech: From Innovation to Disruption. Where do we stand? This event will explore this question through the prism of four of the ‘buzziest’ fintech applications: AI, blockchain, cloud, and data.
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Metamako Links Multiple FPGAs

FPGA networking platform provider Metamako has launched capability to run different FPGAs [field programmable gate arrays] at once, saving its users the costs of data center rack space and freeing...

Webinar Recording: Trade Surveillance and data capture for MiFID II compliance

Under MiFID II and MiFIR, any firm participating in electronic trading of financial instruments will need to conduct real-time monitoring of current trading activity and be able to sequentially...

Partner Event: Handling high-performance computing to boost alpha and risk management

Based on the recent Financial Markets Insights from The Realization Group, the discussion will focus on how some of the complexities surrounding the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector have led to...
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Going Big, Not Going Home

As operational applications in the financial services industry — mirroring their cousins in general business apps and consumer services apps — continue to get smaller and sleeker, Chicago-based...
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Metamako Adds MayStreet to its Partner Ecosystem, Adding Analytics Capabilities for Compliance & Risk Management

Metamako, the leading specialist provider of FPGA-enabled high-performance networking platforms, announced today that MayStreet, provider of advanced market access and data analytics technology, has...
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Metamako, MayStreet Take Steps For Time-Stamped Order Ledger

FPGA networking platform provider Metamako has added market access and data analytics provider MayStreet’s services to its network, which will make it possible to develop a time-stamped order ledger...
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NovaSparks Gets Last Missing US Market Data Feed

Field programmable gate array (FPGA) market data services provider NovaSparks has completed its array of supported feeds with the addition of the Securities Information Processors (SIP) feed,...
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DTCC’S Omgeo CTM Enables Post-Trade Processing Capabilities To Private Fund Managers In China

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), the premier post-trade market infrastructure for the global financial services industry, today announced that Omgeo Central Trade Manager (...